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Huxtable, Christensen & Hood
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In a Field Beside the Battenkill

Left to right: Liz, Terri & Carol (seated)

Carol Christensen

Carol Christensen's first gig (unpaid) was at the age of 5, when she stood atop a piano and sang in a bar in Seabright, NJ. She has participated in a wide range of musical ventures of varying quality, including choirs, rock bands, musical theater, and advertising jingles. Her day job for 35 years before retiring in 2015 was painting restoration at the National Gallery of Art, Washington. Before that she worked at a weird variety of jobs including but not limited to dental assistant, au pair, art history lecturer, cashier, and waitress while pursuing a MS in Painting Conservation.

When not performing with Huxtable, Christensen and Hood, she is usually out on the trail, hiking, mountaineering, snowshoeing or backpacking. She splits her time between New York state and Virginia, where she raised her two sons.