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Wallflowers (1980)
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Released in 1980 by Philo Records and featuring traditional and original music, Wallflowers was produced by Roma Baran and includes guest tracks by Roma, Tony Markellis and Gilles Losier. It was reissued by Rounder Records in 1986 and is available only on vinyl.

Copies of the Rounder LP are still available.

Track Listing (with MP3 clips)

  1. Banks Of The Sweet Primroses (Traditional)
  2. The Truth From Above (Traditional)
  3. Lake George 1922 (Teresina Huxtable BMI)
  4. Sheepcrook And Black Dog (Traditional)
  5. The Week Before Easter (Traditional)
  6. I'll Weave My Love A Garland (The Loyal Lover) (Traditional)
  7. Oldest Of Friends (Teresina Huxtable BMI)
  8. Came Ye O'er Frae France (Traditional)
  9. The Flying Cloud (Traditional)
  10. Mon Coeur Se Recommande à Vous (Orlando Di Lasso, b.1532)
  11. The Blacksmith (Traditional)
  12. Great Dream From Heaven (Traditional)
  13. First And Only Tango (Teresina Huxtable BMI)