Under the Weather

Huxtable, Christensen & Hood
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Under the Weather (2016)
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Under the Weather is Huxtable, Christensen & Hood's first album in thirty years. The effervescent mixture of songs ancient, sentimental, silly and sacred that fans have enjoyed over the years in their performances is all here. Teresina Huxtable, Carol Christensen and Liz Hood have been singing together since college days and their vocal arrangements shine. Traditional ballads, Tin Pan Alley tunes, two originals by Teresina, and achingly beautiful covers of songs from Victoria Armstrong, Kate McGarrigle and Utah Phillips make this a banquet for the ears. Whether a cappella, or backed by piano, reed organ and accordion; they put their own stamp on this diverse collection of fifteen songs.

Track Listing (with MP3 clips)

  1. (Talk to Me of) Mendocino (Kate McGarrigle ASCAP)
  2. The Recruited Collier (Traditional)
  3. Santa Fe River (Victoria Armstrong ASCAP)
  4. The Isle of St. Helena (Traditional)
  5. Ship to Shore (Teresina Huxtable BMI)
  6. My Funny Valentine (Rodgers and Hart ASCAP)
  7. Since Love Can Enter an Iron Door (Traditional)
  8. Empty Saddles (Hill and Brennan ASCAP)
  9. Patient Grissell (Traditional)
  10. Open the Door Softly (Traditional)
  11. Psalm 23 (PD)
  12. Makin' Whoopee (Kahn and Donaldson ASCAP)
  13. John D. Lee (Utah Phillips BMI)
  14. Frank Mills (Rado, Ragni and McDermott ASCAP)
  15. The Stroll (Teresina Huxtable BMI)